FAIL is a whole new approach to business growth

Learn to fail fast. Find the opportunities that will propel you giant leaps forward. Get the help you need.

Building a company is hard. Advisors can help, but much of their value comes from putting their headshots in your deck. Consultants and agencies are valuable, but they're often way way way too expensive. And when you're concerned about runway or overhead, you have to minimize adding FT hires.

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That's where FAIL comes in -- actual help, simple pricing.

Ok, but what does FAIL really do?

Think of us as experts-on-call working directly with you on your most pressing, strategic, high-impact challenges.Depending on the plan and what we choose to work on together, our team of experts can:

ADVISE you (no-BS feet to the fire),
drive GROWTH (business development, partnerships, minimizing costs, optimizing revenue models),
expand your NETWORK (intros, town halls, genius calls, events),
and INCUBATE ideas (some of ours, some of yours).

You know that 80/20 rule?Typical consultants or agencies get hired with lofty mandates. A lot of that time ends up being wasted on both ends, because the consultant's time is valuable, but the company may not always have enough work to do or enough internal capacity to keep up. And the bigger the agency, the more overhead they have to manage.

That's where FAIL comes in:
High impact, low commitment, massive outcomes.

What is this "Advisory" thing?

A cornerstone of what FAIL does is the weekly Advisory call. We want to know about your priorities, the big hairy goals you have.What is THE thing or person or number that you think will make the difference?Then we try make THAT thing happen. Before the next weekly call.

Building a company is hard. Advisors are meaningful, but it's hard to get regular help from them. Consultants and agencies are valuable, but they are often way way way too expensive.

With FAIL, you get a dedicated Advisor to guide, listen, connect, and make sh*t happen. That means every week, you check in on a call together. Sometimes, we will bring a particular expert to that call or suggest something new.The FAIL Ops team supports everything behind the scenes to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, opportunities are capitalized on, and communication is paramount.Depending on the package you choose, we can also get into the weeds or help find the right expert to spend an hour with you. Maybe we make a key introduction, review materials, talk brand or PR or product.... there are lots of ways we can help you achieve your goals. And we can adapt as your most pressing needs shift.

As for you...?Great leaders can be opinionated, but unless you are also open-minded, there isn't much we can do together."Strong opinions - loosely held" refers to the idea that it is important to have strong convictions and ideas, but also to be open to new information and be willing to change your mind. The idea is to hold your opinions with conviction, but also be willing to adapt and revise them as new evidence and perspectives arise.

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Eww... a Growth?

How do you grow a business? Relationships, vision, an open mind, systems, data, and adaptability.Key introductions at the right time to the right person or organization can have a massive strategic impact on your efforts.We'll prioritize growth efforts based on your goals and then find the right partner, platform, product, etc to achieve that.

Growth can be about lowering costs, opening up new markets, understanding data, going after a new product extention, landing a partnership, picking the right vendor or platform.

The Fail Network

When great people come together, great things can happen.Clients, Experts, Special Guests .... you get the deal.And the more we work together to understand the ideal customer for you, the better we can tap into our networks to get you closer -- and maybe even all the way there.

As you join our network, the relationship can expand into Monthly "Genius" Calls, Local Breakfasts + Happy Hours, and Bubble Events at all the great places you are already going to (or want to go to).If you are already a FAIL client, you get the built in added super benefit of being in the Network.

Want to join the FAIL Network, but don't need the whole "work with me" thing right now? We've got you covered

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They're so little and cute!

We are entrepreneurs, marketers, product-eers (is that a thing?) ... you get the point.There is no lack of ideas coming to us or from us. Sometimes we brainstorm or experiment or even double down. We learn from our mistakes, use our vast experience (pattern recognition), and often find ways of putting 2 and 4 together to make 11.

The output can include websites, products, events, relationships, ideas, businesses, organizations.... and so on.We love to build, talk about it, get feedback, iterate, and often kill it. This is called "Fail" -- remember?It is far more important to learn to say NO.

Fail Pricing

In this case, you get a lot more than what you pay for

Fail Fast


  • Consistent FAIL team lead

  • Monthly 1-hour call

  • Prioritized action item (max 2 hour monthly)

  • Access to The FAIL Network

  • Recommendations and discounts for tech, freelancers, etc

Fail Hard


  • Consistent FAIL team lead

  • Twice Monthy 1-hour call

  • Prioritized action items (max 2 hours bi-weekly)

  • Access to The FAIL Network

  • Access to our networks

  • Recommendations and discounts for tech, freelancers, etc

  • 1 semi-annually half day deep dive on a business priority

Fail Big


  • Consistent FAIL team lead

  • Weekly 1-hour call

  • Prioritized action items (up to 2 hours weekly)

  • Access to The FAIL Network

  • Access to our networks

  • Recommendations and discounts for tech, freelancers, etc

  • 1 Quarterly half day deep dive on business priorities


  • Prices listed are based on a minimum three-month commitment and are paid monthly.

  • Key Intros and access to our network are subject to a double opt-in style introduction. We ask, and only if the connection is interested do we connect you.

  • To align the incentives of working together, we ask for a standard 0.1% advisor shares in the form of a standard agreement PLUS 10% referral payments on any successful business and 3% on any investment we bring you directly.

  • Weekly calls are with your FAIL lead, and may also often include a partner and, depending on the plan, and expert-on-demand.

  • Weekly prioritized action items can really be anything, but we see the most success when we are direct, organized, and both on the same page.

  • Key items can be things like materials review, introductions, partnerships, strategy, brainstorming, PR, fundraising, product reviews, branding and design discussion and implementation, event needs, and more.

  • Recommendations for tech, freelancers, etc are made on a per-need basis and are always done to vetted sources whom we either know personally, have worked with, have used, or some other direct knowledge of.

Network Only

While you won't get to work with us, you will get access to events, learnings, networking, discounts, newsletters, and more.Per person pricing. Let us know if you want to sign up a group at a discounted rate.


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Ok, but WHO are you?

"The Tale of Two Davids"

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived two young squires named David. Both were known throughout the land for their quick wit, their talents in battle, and their kind hearts.

The first David - Berkowitz - was a master of the sword, with lightning-fast reflexes and a sharp mind. He had trained for years under the finest knights in the kingdom, and there was no challenge he couldn't overcome.

The second David - Weinberg - was a brilliant inventor, always coming up with new and innovative ways to solve problems. He had a knack for building gadgets and machines that made life easier for the people of the kingdom.

One day, a great evil threatened the small villages of the kingdom. A fierce dragon had been terrorizing the people, destroying homes and crops, and causing chaos wherever it went. The king called upon the bravest knights in the land to come forward and defeat the dragon, but none were successful.It was then that the two Davids decided to join forces. Together, they hatched a plan to defeat the dragon once and for all.Using their combined skills, the two Davids built a special suit of armor that would protect them from the dragon's flames. They also created a series of gadgets and weapons to help them in battle.

Finally, the day of the showdown arrived. The two Davids set out to face the dragon, ready to put their plan into action.The battle was fierce, but the two Davids were more than a match for the dragon. Using their swords and gadgets, they fought bravely, striking at the dragon's weakest points and dodging its flames.

In the end, the two Davids emerged victorious, defeating the dragon and saving the small villages from its wrath. The people rejoiced and hailed the two Davids as heroes, and the two friends were hailed as the finest knights in the kingdom.And so, the tale of the two Davids became a bedtime story told to children all across the land, inspiring them to be brave and to always stand up for what is right.

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We can't wait to do great things together :)Need anything else in the meantime?

Join the FAIL team, Eh?

Want to join a team of advisors, experts, operators, testers, investors, leaders, followers (... wait, that's not right...), just a great group of people all over the world?


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Are you an expert, an advisor, a consultant, the "bee's knees", or something else?Want to be a part of FAIL?We'd love to talk to you :)

With FAIL, you get everything you need to be a successful Advisor without needing to set up show on your own:

  • Ops team to manage your advisory efforts (notes, tasks, priorities, etc)

  • Payment systems to manage clients and get you paid

  • Standard Advisor operating agreements so everyone is on the same page

  • A network of other Advisors and experts to collaborate with, brainstorm with, and who knows...

  • Content and marketing opportunities to grow your won authority

The FAIL Ops team is here to support Advisors behind the scenes to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, opportunities are capitalized on, and and make sh*t happen.Wether you want to hop on a call once a week to Advise and nothing else, or you want to really dig in, or there is a part of FAIL you think you can grow -- we have something for you.

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